Sociedad cooperativa de productores de cacao de 
El Salvador de R.L.y C.V. (ES-CACAO)
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ES-CACAO was born in 2009 as a Cooperative Society of Cacao Growers (24 initial members) who are interested and deeply committed to the renewal of fine cacao cultivation in El Salvador under modern agricultural techniques, associating its cultivation with forestry as well as other products such as vanilla, cinnamon, moringa olifeira, etc. 

ES-CACAO´s main goal is to fully supply the local market and later take on the international market with a top quality cacao. It is our goal to cultivate 1,000 hectares in 7 or less years.
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ES-CACAO Board of Directors:

Rafael Trigueros Hecht, President
Diego Salcedo Moore, Vice President
Luz Marina Meza de Zarruk, Secretary
Benedicto Morataya, Treasurer
Rolando Palacios, Director
Stephanie Andersen Samayoa, Director
Jon Quiros, Director
Juan Rafael Trigueros Hill, Director

ES-CACAO Associates 2009