Sociedad cooperativa de productores de cacao de 
El Salvador de R.L.y C.V. (ES-CACAO)
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ES-CACAO has started by teaching our members on cacao growing techniques, grafting, “cacao catación” and other information related to cacao.  We have organized trips to Colombia, Costa Rica and Honduras to receive technical assistance, but we have also established mail contact with many world renowned cacao experts in several fields.
Grafting workshop presented 
by Aroldo Dubon 
of Honduras 2011
Rafael Trigueros Hecht, President ES-CACAO welcomes attendees.Mr. Aroldo Dubon's opens "Cacao Grafting" presentationParticipants practice "hands-on" grafting techniques.
Close-up of grafting a young cacao sapling.Group receives field instructions.Practicing grafting in the field
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Grafting workshop
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