Sociedad cooperativa de productores de cacao de
 El Salvador de R.L.y C.V. (ES-CACAO)
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ES-CACAO is constantly looking for interested new members who will follow our commitment for growing fine cacao and establishing a country brand in the world gourmet cacao market.
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Membership Requirements:

Benefits offered to members of ES-CACAO:

1. Access to vegetative material duly certified by ES-CACAO
2. Technical assistance through availability of literature and courses given      by a number of international and well known experts in the cultivation of      cacao in and outside the region
3. Technical assistance in proper classification of lands suitable for growing     cacao, cultivation, reaping and processing cacao
4. Direct support by regional institutes such as IICA, CATIE, FHIA, etc., for        agricultural  development  through a collegiate organization such as ES-       CACAO dedicated to the promotion of cacao cultivation.
5. Organization of trips within and outside the region to visit cacao                    plantations and processors. 
6. ES-CACAO will supply cacao marketing assistance, both locally and                internationally.
7. ES-CACAO will promote participation (as an organization) in national and      international fairs for the promotion of our cacao.